Wednesday, June 02, 2010

cdcat: multiplatform disk catalog on windows & linux

The cdcat is graphical (QT based) multiplatform (Linux/Windows/MacOS) catalog program which scans the directories/drives you want and memoryze the filesystem (including the tags of mp3's) and store it in a small file.
The database is stored in a gzipped XML format, so you can hack it, or use it if necessary :-)
Cdcat can store the content of some specified files up to a size limit if you want. (for example: *.nfo)


- Searching with regex or wildcards in file names/comments/tags/etc...
- Read mp3 tags (if you enable it)
- Autoload database on startup
- Can mount/umount/eject the cd-drive on Linux
- Read file content from the specified files (e.g: *.nfo)
- Platform indepentent Gzipped XML format.
- Import/Export functions for CSV/XML-gtktalog/HTML
- Possibility to add comment for files or directories.

cara instalasi di ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install cdcat

via terminal: ketik "cdcat" tanpa tanda petik, lalu tekan Enter
via GUI: klik Preferences---Main Menu
pilih Application---Accessories---New item
Type: Application
Name: CD Cat
Command: cdcat
OK dan close

cara instalasi di windows:
download dan install/ekstrak file ini, cekidot... atau cdcatwin.exe


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